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Everyone needs an estate plan.

Yes, even you!

Maybe you think only older or wealthier people have to worry about what will happen to their assets after they’re gone. But almost everyone has assets—a home, a car, a bank account. What would happen to your assets or, more importantly, your loved ones if you were to pass away? That’s why you need an estate planning attorney to help you plan for your future.

Make a plan to protect the ones you love.

Pecarsky Law Legal Services

Estate Planning

For your own peace of mind you are going to want an attorney who not only deals with estate planning but is qualified to help you in preparing your last will and testament


When your estate is challenged you are going to need someone who is committed to carrying out your wishes exactly as you have expressed them.


It is essential to have an attorney who is not only experienced in estate administration but one you can trust to carry out your wishes.


Guardianship issues can be a complex and sensitive matter. You will need someone that will help you face these issues and answer the difficult questions.

Pecarsky Law will provide you with these services and many more.

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"I make it my personal mission to consider the needs of the “whole client,” from the initial planning stages to estate administration. I bring superior expertise and a deep regard for my clients to my work as an estate attorney."

- Sheri L. Pecarsky

Sheri L. Pecarsky